Evening Box Set ~ Magnetic Lash Kit C002


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Get the perfect Evening look with our 3D Evening Lash Kit. The kit includes 3 sets, our full-sized black magnetic eyeliner and a magnetic applicator for an easier application. Turn heads and make a statement at your next function.

The Lashes can be cut to size, is waterproof, reusable for years, soft and natural, lightweight and comfortable, nontoxic, super easy to apply and the best part is there is no visible magnets.

The eyeliner contains iron oxide, and the lashes have magnets. Just shake the bottle well to spread the liner’s iron oxides. You can then start by applying the magnetic eyeliner to your lash line. Make sure to use enough eyeliner so that your lashes have enough product to magnetize to. Once that’s done, let the liner dry for about 2-3 minutes before going to the final application step.

It’s really important for your eyeliner to be completely dry before applying your magnetic lashes, when dry place the lashes where you’d like them. The magnets attract iron oxide, causing the lashes and liner to stick together. Place your lashes directly onto the eyeliner and adjust for the perfect fit!

And that’s it, you’re all set!

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